Presentation Synopsis
Adopting A Shared Service Model - Transformation of Facilities Management & Engineering Services

Adopting a Shared Service Model has benefitted Facilities Management & Engineering Shared Service in many ways such as harmonising career development plan, key performance indicators and sharing of risks mitigation measure among members.

For the next lap, we are aligning with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Industry Transformation Map for the Facilities Management Industry.

Facilities Management & Engineering Shared Services planned a 5-year Road Map to transform itself from a labour intensive industry to a productive one using data analytics, predictive maintenance and smart solutions by focusing areas on design for maintainability; adoption of smart FM technologies; developing capabilities to ensure that the FM workforce receives adequate training; and outcome-based requirements driving performance. This will result in an effective and sustainable facilities management service.

Ultimately, we will provide a safe, healthy, clean and conducive environment for people to work as well as a healing environment for patient to rest and recuperate.