Product Exhibition 2023

Singapore Healthcare Mangement 2023 has a list of potential suppliers to showcase their products and services. 


 3M Technologies Pte Ltd
Aceplas Pte Ltd 
AJJ Healthcare Management Pte Ltd


B.Braun Singapore Pte Ltd    Becton Dickinson Holdings Pte Ltd   Biocare Global Pte Ltd

 Cardinal Health Singapore 225 Pte Ltd  Covidien Pte LtdFortuna Scientific Private Ltd 




Freshening Industries Pte LtdGlobal Pharma Pte Ltd
Gold Lite Pte Ltd

Greiner Bio-One Singapore Pte Ltd
  Healthcare Essentials Pte Ltd  Healthmark Industries  
 Hospimek Pte Ltd IDS Medical Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd
 I :Emedics Pte Ltd
Joyson Pte Ltd
 Junnimed Services Pte Ltd      Medline Industries Singapore Pte Ltd
 Medquest Marketing Pte LtdMentor Media Limited
 Nestle Singapore Pte Ltd 
NEU Industries Pte Ltd  PPM Medical Pte Ltd
Practical Mediscience Pte Ltd 




QT Instruments (S) Pte Ltd
   Schulke & Mayr (Asia) Pte Ltd
  Somnotec Pte Ltd
SPD Scientific Pte Ltd  
Systmz Pte Ltd 
Terumo Singapore Pte Ltd  
Vinda Singapore Pte Ltd
Yarrow Medical Holdings Pte Ltd 
 Yeap Medical Supplies Pte Ltd