Mr Niels de Boer joined NTU as a Senior Scientist in the Energy Research Institute (ERI@N). He is also the Program Director of the Centre of Excellence for Testing & Research of Autonomous Vehicles – NTU (CETRAN).

Prior to joining NTU, has a long track record of delivering R&D projects in Industry. His experience includes work on automotive powertrain development in Delphi Singapore where was responsible for software development but also part of the global core team which developed processes to ensure software quality. Subsequently, he was responsible for automotive infotainment platform development and research in automotive infotainment systems in Siemens-VDO/Continental.

After working in the automotive field, Mr Boer moved to a more research based environment where he was responsible as R&D Director for the development of electrical drivetrains for Vestas and later was responsible for research on electrical systems not only including the wind turbine drivetrain but also the wind farm and grid connectivity.

Prior to his current role, Mr Boer was Technology Quality Manager at Lloyd’s Register where he was responsible for ensuring the outputs of all research globally relating to Energy Technology meet business objectives. This included the development if certification requirements and certification assessment methodologies.

Presentation Synopsis

The Rise of Autonomous Mobility and Vehicles in Singapore: Shaping the Future Autonomous Landscape

Singapore is trialing autonomous mobility solutions and autonomous vehicle technology as one of the technical innovations which could help to achieve a Car-Lite Singapore. This presentation will show the vision of how this technology could be implemented in future Singapore towns and the drivers behind this technology. That said, AV technology is challenging and is aiming to replace human drivers with AI where current human behaviour is not always well defined. Introducing AVs in a tightly regulated environment requires a careful approach to ensure trialing is not only safe but also contributes learning required to formulate future regulations. This presentation will go into the steps taken one these aspects and lessons learned from the trials.