At Roche, Mr Jek Fong oversees the strategic direction for personalized healthcare ecosystem partnerships across the Singapore healthcare system and for Roche’s patient access and reimbursement programs in Singapore. He strives for opportunities that help people get the medicines they need and make healthcare delivery more sustainable to improve health outcomes for patients. Mr Fong has more than 15 years of broad experience across the pharmaceutical and medical device industry in Asia.

He started out his career in biomedical research as a cancer researcher before expanding into sales and marketing roles focused on thought leadership engagement, business strategy and insights excellence, as well as training and development. Mr Fong holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences from the National University of Singapore and an EMBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology in Corporate Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

His passion lies in enabling sustainable healthcare systems and addressing systems constraints through multi-stakeholder partnerships. Mr Fong has spoken in various conferences on the evolution of personalised healthcare and value based healthcare in enabling sustainable healthcare systems.

Presentation Synopsis

Sustainability in Healthcare Systems - A Pharma Perspective
The sustainability of the healthcare ecosystem requires a collaborative effort between healthcare providers, payers, and manufacturers in service to patient outcomes.

For the past 126 years, Roche has been on a relentless pursuit to do now what patients need next, and this philosophy guides our investments as the largest investor in pharmaceutical research and development in pursuit of breakthrough innovations in medicine. At the same time, we believe that the sustainability of the company is intricately linked to the sustainability of the healthcare ecosystems in which we operate in, and it is with this belief that we set our 2030 ambition to provide more patient benefits at less cost to society.

In this presentation, we will have a discussion on the interplay between different stakeholders towards a sustainable healthcare ecosystem, how Roche addresses sustainability in health systems, and our approach in managing associated enterprise risks in trial design and healthcare financing.