Winning Posters from Singapore Healthcare Management 2017

Communications Category

Mr Bryan Ravie Bai Heng

"Our Superhero Preemies" Online Viral Campaign in Conjunction with World Prematurity Day
Ms Juita Mohamed 

Finance Category 

Use of Predictor Tool to Fast Track and Reduce Post TKR Length of Stay in Acute Hospital
Dr Jasper Tong 

Cash Management - Cash Recycler
Mr Lee Hui Quan

Human Resource Category 

SengKang Health's Mindfulness Journey
Mr Patrick Lim 

The Next Generation of Eye-ducation 
Ms Chua Pei Ling

Improving Operational Efficiency in Processing Holiday Subsidy Scheme 
Mr Garett Low Liang Thye

Operations Category 

Screening Patients For Fall Risk and Pain at the Self-Registration Kiosk 
Mr Zhuo Weichao

72 Hours Open Access Listing 
Ms Wang Qiqi

To Improve the Workflow of Patients Who Require Same Day Blood Transfusion
Ms Yeam Shin Yen

Improving Patient Care and Outcome With a Dedicated Emergency Surgery and Trauma (ESAT) Unit
Ms Kylie Siu

Realising the Full Potential of Self-Service Kiosk Transitioning from Implementation to Adoption 
Ms Daren Teo

Keeping Bacteria At Bay
Dr Jeffrey Lau

Improving Discharge Rate in Subsidised General Eye Clinic (Clinic 1)
A/Prof Audrey Looi

Risk Management Category 

Roadmap to Achieving Safe, Reliable, Effective and Harm Free Care - KKH Zero Harm Journey
Ms Pang Nguk Lan

Improvement in the Environmental Cleaning in Operating Theatres

Service Quality Category 

Better Patient Experience with Laboratory Service @Bedok Polyclinic

Supply Chain Management Category 

Improving and Sustaining Picking and Packing with Increasing Workload at Central Warehouse